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Why Abhishek: Abhishek is an outstanding actor and performer of great calibre. I respect his body of work and the choices that he has made in his career. He is going to reach the top! Besides honing his own craft, I suppose that he has inherited his tremendous talent from both his parents.

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Why Abhishek: Abhishek is very talented actor. He is an enjoyable actor to watch in any given part to play. There is more to Abhishek than just a talented actor, he has one of the greatest personality I've seen. I absolutely adore his personality! He is a humble, generous and a kindhearted human being. The love and respect that he shows towards his family and friends is truly amazing. He will reach the top without a doubt.Abhishek will always be my all time favourite. A perfect looking man and the greatest actor!

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Why Abhishek: He is an immensely talented and versatile actor whose work I have appreciated since the start. The quality of his work and performance has improved tremendously right from Yuva, Dhoom, Sarkar, Bluffmaster, KANK,to Guru, in which he gave a superlative performance. I also love his personality, his charming and gentleman persona along with his hilarious sense of humor which shines through in his interviews. With the talent, dedication and the right spirit and attitude, he will go a long way. This is just the begining. All in all I adore him!

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Why Abhishek: I remember a time when I used to think of Abhishek as a quiet and totally reserved person. Then I saw the "Making of Kuch Naa Kaho" and I fell in love with his awesome sense of humor and his mischievousness. That is the Abhishek I am most fond of. He has truly grown as an actor, and shown such great perseverence when all the critics had written him off. I admire his strength of character, his respect for his family and friends, and his all-around gentlemanliness.

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Why Abhishek: Abhishek is one of the best actors in Bollywood. I truly enjoyed his work in Yuva because I loved his pairing with Rani Mukerji. The other films that I have enjoyed the most include Dus, Dhoom and Bluffmaster. Abhishek is a fine gentleman that was brought up properly respecting his family and friends. He is also a great prankster!

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Why Abhishek: I adore Abhishek Bachchan because not only is he a bundle of talent but he is a humble and generous human being. He possesses one of the most amazing personalities in the Bollywood film industry and that is one of the many traits that attract his fans. One can truly hand it to him for working his butt off to reach the platform he has now and his dedication to his career and most importantly to his family and friends just makes me love the man even more. At the end of the day, Abhi’s a damn sexy beast and he’ll always have a fan in me!

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Why Abhishek: Abhishek Bachchan is an amazing talent. I truly believe him in all of his roles. He seems so comfortable in front of the camera and handles all his challenging roles with great ease. The mark of a true professional! It's totally rocks to know that someone so young is following so well in his father's footsteps with so much respect. He is a true artist; one that respects his craft.

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Why Abhishek: I love Abhishek because of many reasons other than the obvious; great actor, dancer, etc. My love for him is beyond that...his love and respect for his family. When a man is like this, it is the most impressive. I love his heart, and kindness towards others. I love how he conducts his life. He is totally fabulous. My only regret is that there are not 100 clones of him, one for me of course!


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